At School: Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits all forms of sex discrimination,
including gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. 
Title IX applies at all elementary and secondary schools (K-12), colleges and universities that receive federal financial assistance, and at certain other educational institutions.

Why Do Schools Handle Sexual Violence Cases? 

Sexual  violence and its effects are both a criminal and a civil matter.
The police and courts handle sexual violence cases as a criminal matter.
In school, sexual assault and harassment pose barriers to education—a civil right. Therefore, schools are responsible for investigating known or suspected sexual abuse and harassment, even if a police report is not filed, or the case is not resolved in criminal court.  

Who Helps With Title IX at My School?

Each school has a Title IX Coordinator, whose contact information should be published publicly (website, student handbook, civil rights statement, etc).
If you have trouble finding this information yourself, you can ask the administrative or guidance office for help.

** Sexual harassment/abuse by classmates/staff outside of school or online may be covered as well, because of a state law passed in 2013 (HEA 1423). The bottom line is: you have the right to have your education free of sexual harassment and abuse. It never hurts to ask for help **

For more information about
 sexual violence and Title IX, visit

                   List of Title IX Coordinators

West Lafayette School Corp
Rocky Killion (Superintendent)
1130 North Salisbury Street West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
Telephone: 765.746.1602

Lafayette School Corporation:
John Layton (Asst. Superintendent)
Telephone: 765-771-6000

Tippecanoe County School Corporation
Susan DeLong (Asst. Superintendent)

New Community School:
Leitha Stone (Director of Education)
Telephone: (765)420-9617

Community Schools of Frankfort:
Joel McKinney (Asst. Superintendent)
Telephone: 765-654-5585

Clinton Prairie School Corporation:
Amanda Whitlock (Asst. Principal of CP Jr/Sr HS)

Frontier School Corp:
Cathy Rowe (Superintendent)

North White School Corp: Michelle (Shelle) Hay (Principal of North White Primary)
Telephone: 219-253-6663
Address: 305 E. Broadway Street, Monon, IN 47959

(this list is being updated. Check back for more!
You can help out by submitting the contact info of Title IX coordinators in Tippecanoe, White, Clinton, Benton, Warren, and Carroll counties.)