How YOU Can Help End Sexual Violence

The bad news is, sexual violence is common.
The good news is, anyone can help to end it, and everyone should!
There are no advanced skills needed, and each effort puts us one step closer to making the world a safer place for everyone.
Here are some simple ways that you can get involved: 

Talk About It!
Preventing sexual violence starts with the conversations you have everyday.
Talking to kids: Kinda scary, we know. But here's the deal: we spend a lot of time talking to kids about drugs, but at least 1 in 4 children will be sexually abused before age 18.
And, if that many kids are being abused, that means there's a lot of people doing the abusing, too.
So, it's important to start talking early and often about concepts like boundary lines, consent, the human body, and self-image. As you can see, those topics aren't just about sex, and can give kids a great foundation for healthy behavior in all their relationships!

  • : conversation starters on healthy sexuality and safe relationships 
  • LoveIsRespect now offers a text service to parents and teachers! Text "parentinfo" or "teacherinfo" to 22522

Be A Better Bystander
Thinking about what you would do in a tough situation makes it easier to take action when someone needs your help.
Knowing the basics can help you overcome the "bystander effect", which is the strong urge to move on, and think that someone else will help a person in need. When it comes to sexual abuse and harassment, there is no one braver or smarter than the person who speaks out. That person is YOU!
Need ideas? Here you go:
Bystander Guide: Parties - seven safe and simple steps

Become a volunteer
      -Volunteer as a Rape Survivor Advocate for the Lafayette Crisis Center
           As described here on this website on the "Getting in touch with an advocate" page, the Lafayette Crisis Center provides advocates 
           for survivors of rape and sexual assault. To become an advocate, you'll first need to become a volunteer of the Lafayette 
           Crisis Center. You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the Lafayette Crisis Center website or calling 765-742-0244.

      -Volunteer with the YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program

           The YWCA DVIPP provides services for women and men who have experienced domestic violence, dating violence, 
           and/or sexual assault. Volunteer opportunities include answering the Domestic Violence Crisis Line or working with children's programs.
           To learn more about how to volunteer, call 765-423-4486 or visit the Lafayette YWCA website

      -Join the Tippecanoe Child Abuse Prevention Council (TCAP)
           This group meets throughout the year to plan awareness events to increase the Tippecanoe County community's ability to prevent 
           child abuse. Community members are welcome to become involved in these meetings and events. More information can be found 
           at TCAP's website. You can contact TCAP via email at