What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual Violence is any sexual act or experience that:
  • You didn't want to happen (and/or)
  • Happened without your consent (and/or)
  • Made you feel degraded, humiliated, violated, uncomfortable, or physically/emotionally harmed.
*Some types of sexual violence, like rape and molestation, involve direct contact. Other types of sexual violence, like exposure or verbal harassment, do not involve direct contact.

Sexual violence can happen to someone regardless of gender, age, orientation, race, religion, income, physical ability, or mental capacity.
Sexual violence can be committed by a stranger, acquaintance, intimate partner, spouse, friend, family member...anyone. Regardless of who the perpetrator was, sexual violence is always wrong. 

Consent means freely saying "Yes" to a certain sexual act or experience, and fully knowing what you are saying yes to. 
Consent cannot be given when:

  • You are incapacitated from alcohol/drugs (and/or)
  • A developmental/physical disability or disorder prevents you from being able to say "yes" and from knowing what that "yes" means (and/or)
  • You are under the legal age of consent (for more details see our information on "The Legal System").